Driving north on Farview, from Rochelle Ave in Rochelle Park

1. From Rochelle Park, driving north on Rochelle Avenue.

2. Rochelle Avenue becomes S Farview Avenue. Our entrance is just past Vander Plaat Funeral Home on your left.

3. Our entrance is on the left, just past the green Paramus Commons sign (between yellow arrows in picture above).

Driving north on Route 17

1. Route 17 North, heading toward Route 4.

2. Before Route 4, take exit on right to BJ's.

3. At BJ's, follow signs for the Exit.

4. The exit will put you on S. Farview Avenue heading toward our location.

Driving south on Farview Avenue toward Rochelle Park

1. Go through traffic light for Route 17 North.

2. As you cross over Route 17, get to the right lane and slow down.(CAUTION...cars coming out of the exit ramp)

3. Take the first right turn into our parking lot, before green Paramus Commons sign.

4. Our entrance faces S Farview Avenue. Go up the stairs and to your right.

Driving south on Route 17

1. Drive Route 17 South past Route 4.

2. Get in right lane marked "Rochelle Ave, Rochelle Park, EXIT ONLY".

3. Go past Krause Candies. Half way up the exit ramp, turn right into Paramus Commons. We are in the tan brick building with the green roof.

Front Entrance...up the stairs, door on the right.